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The Surefire Funds: Underlying Assets


Surefire Capital operates funds which invest in a wide array of secured loans, including:

• Real Estate Loans

• Development and Construction Loans

• First Mortgage Loans

• Second Mortgage and Mezzanine Loans

• Bridging Finance Loans

• Refinance Loans

• Business Loans

• Acquisition Loans

• Equity Loans

• Short to Medium-term Loans

Loans will be structured as either principal and interest loans or interest-only loans, depending on the situation. In some cases, interest may be deferred during a portion of the loan. As such, the cash flows structure to be expected by investors will be fund-specific. We will provide information on the relevant loan structure, cash flows, interest rates and other loan features in the Information Memorandum.


All loans made by Surefire Funds are secured. The most common form of security taken will be in the form of a mortgage over legal interests in real estate or other property. A mortgage is a legal or equitable charge over the property which gives certain rights to the mortgagee, in this case, Surefire Capital. These rights include the right to take possession of the property and to execute a power of sale in order to recover monies owing by the Borrower in the event of default.


We specialise in high-yielding, non-conforming loans. Interest will be payable on all loans made through any Surefire Fund and will be distributed to Investors upon receipt.